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KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title. And it sounds a bit familiar. Episode 1817: “No ‘I’ In Leader” is set to air on June 23rd. And here’s the spoiler..

PRJF Episode: 1817 – “No ‘I’ in Leader” – Writer: William Carter – Casey really has grown up from being a cub at Pai Zhuq. He’s taken initiative and stepped up to being the leader of the group. But now with RJ as a ranger, things are a little different. Casey feels like a cub all over again. RJ tells him that Casey will always be the leader. And the team will always follow Casey.

Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof has confirmed that 17 hours will be produced for each of the remaining two seasons in 2009 & 2010. They weren’t able to produce two hours this season due to the writers’ strike, so they’ve added one hour to each remaining season.. Jennie Garth is set to appear in 90210, The CW’s “next generation” drama based on the original Beverly Hills 90210. :p Expect it in the fall.. But don’t expect Back To You or New Amsterdam. Fox has cancelled the two series. 😦

FOX has picked up Joss Whedon’s new scifi series Dollhouse, about “a top-secret world of people programmed with different personalities, abilities and memories depending on their mission”. Cool. As is the cast, which includes Amy Acker and Eliza Dushku. But unfortunately, it’s not likely to show up until mid-season.. Meanwhile, Fringe will likely debut in the fall and “follows the exploits of a young female FBI agent who tackles unexplained medical and scientific phenomena”. Also cool, but I’d rather see Dollhouse first. Maybe its fall start has something to do J.J. Abrams being connected to the project.. Also, ABC has picked up Life On Mars, a US version of the original UK drama series. Interesting..

Chuck: The Complete First Season has been set for DVD release on September 16th. All thirteen episodes will be included, along with a fair amount of special features. One of them just confuses me though — a Madden NFL 09 demo for Xbox 360. Why not a PS3 demo? Maybe if the season was being released on Blu-ray too? :p ..Maybe I should finally watch these.. or wait for this DVD. I have them all on my bedroom DVR, unwatched. Though I did see the pilot episode on a promotional DVD..

NBC has officially named Jimmy Fallon the new host of Late Night in 2009 when Conan O’Brien moves on to The Tonight Show in 2009. Hmm..

I awoke to the alarm.. and fell back to sleep. Then I woke up again and played GTA IV for a few hours. My dad returned from dialysis, I shut it off and we watched some Ellen. After some late breakfast, my dad again brought up his money problems. Perhaps he should have discussed it with me before getting the car instead of trying to entrap me like this? He says I have to pay the whole cable bill or he’ll “have” to switch to a cheaper deal: AT&T.. which isn’t actually cable at all, but shitty satellite. Dumbass. I don’t think I’ll pay it all, but I’m considering raising the amount I give him. Again. Damnit.

I got online for a bit, then my dad watched the news and headed to bed for a nap. So I returned to the living room and and played GTA IV for a few more hours. After a few more missions, I rampaged a little.. including a helicopter trip across Liberty City and landing at Statue of Happiness.. before being killed by cops. :p ..Once my dad woke up and returned from an errend, we finally watched my next Netflix selection — Alvin & The Chipmunks (the recent live action one). lol. It’s a fun little movie..

Once it was over, I got online to news-gather. We soon had some supper, then I headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Supernatural (good episode). Than at 8PM, we watched The Big Bang Theory (lol), How I Met Your Mother (lol.. even though Britney Spears seemed to have forgotten how to play the role she first appeared as), Two & A Half Men (lol), Rules of Engagement (lol) and CSI Miami (pretty good episode.. wow @ next week).

After some time online, I returned to the living room and watched the new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — 1812: “One Master Too Many”. I liked this episode to a reasonable extent as well (ie, by Disney season standards.. it seems the Saban seasons will always be superior). Ha’s @ RJ already wearing purple.. and how very briefly his animal spirit appears, as to provide the tiniest peek of what is to come. Flit returns to try and ruin another megazord battle with his useless commentating, but at least Camille told him to shut up.. and he did! :p

Well.. see ya..

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