Saturday 05.10.2008 —

I went into the living room pretty late at night and started up GTA IV. I played for a while.. then I fell asleep on the pause menu. I awoke a couple hours later and shut it down. Then my dad pissed a bitch about wearing the PS3 out that way, as if I possibly meant to fall asleep with it on. I did the same thing with San Andreas a few times and my PS2 is still fine. :/

I slept some more, then woke up to the alarm at 9AM. My dad took off and I watched Scrubs (they held this episode back to make it a piss-poor “series finale” just because of its JD & Eliott conclusion after they refused to pick up additional episodes after the strike.. assholes.. atleast ABC picked it up for some additional episodes in order to wrap it up correctly.. its why Sarah Chalke isn’t in How I Met Your Mother for all of her episodes, they’re filming the final episodes already) and 30 Rock (haha @ that ending attempting to parody other cliffhanger endings).

Next, I watched Spectacular Spider-Man (very good episode.. but this was the first one where I didn’t exactly like some things.. very much looking forward the the beginning of the venom saga next week), Ben 10: Alien Force (I’m about to drop this show.. it’s too.. average.. nothing’s keeping me interested), Transformers Animated (Weird Al Yankovic as an allspark-infused trash bot that dares “to be stupid” ..I enjoyed this one more than I should have :p) and Spider-Man (the 1994 series.. wonder why they’ve skipped an episode Friday on Jetix, only to re-air it on Monday.. then air the skipped episode at 7PM Monday :/).

My dad soon returned with what he purchased with his economic stimulus payment. A newer car that looks pretty similar to our old car on the outside.. and smaller and more uncomfortable on the inside. Whoopee. 1997 Buick LeSabre. But at least it doesn’t need $2349582945 in repairs.. I guess.. We took off to Target. My dad bought a few things.. and I.. bought the Target exclusive Speed Racer: Wonderful World Of Racing – The Amazing Racer Family DVD. Just watch this featurette be on the Speed Racer DVD and prove my money wasted. Damnit. Never really watched the cartoon, but I have a pretty good track record with enjoying Wachowski films. V For Vendetta is quite possibly my #1 favorite film, and I liked the Matrixes too..

We returned home with some fast food for supper again and watched My Name Is Earl (lol.. Jon Heder, cool) and The Office (lol). And then I played GTA IV for a few hours. I mostly did more of the missions and went on a couple dates. The first date with Michelle went well.. but the second one.. 😦 And before I knew it, it was time to shut it down. I gave my dad the TV back and got online for a bit.

I wanted to watch some things on the bedroom DVR, but I just couldn’t get away from the computer for the rest of the night. :/ Well.. see ya..

[ Food Riots Are Coming To The US – Not A Drill ]
[ Giant Agribusiness Profits As Poor Go Hungry ]
[ Global Food Supplies To Stay Low In Coming Year ]
[ Prosecution Of George W. Bush For Murder ]
[ 911 WTC Nuclear Toroid-Shaped Gas Pattern ]
[ Japan Allows Military Activity In Space ]
[ Wal-Mart Cuts Way Back – Arkansas Bank Fails ]
[ Rockefellers Call For Change At Exxon Mobil ]
[ Circuit City To Be Merged With Blockbuster ]
[ Another Holocaust No One Remembers ]
[ 9 Million Murdered In Ukraine In 1932-33 ]
[ Brit Has DNA Taken For ‘Dropping An Apple Core’ ]
[ Man Jailed Because Daughter Flunked ]


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