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I haven’t really stayed up all night online since the good old days of dominion IRC chat. But I stayed up all night again.. on LiveVideo video chat. I should get a webcam so I’m not so left out.. then point it everywhere but at my face. At about 4:30AM, I check my bank balance and find that the economic stimulus payment is in the bank. Yay. Now I can get my PS3 once my dad returns from dialysis.. then when he feels like taking off again…. *pulls hair out*

At about 5:30AM, I finally opted to get some sleep in. I slept until about 9:30, then got online again.. until my dad finally returned home from dialysis. We watched some TV as I kept bugging him about when we were going. He doesn’t really like how I’m spending the money, so he kept complaining. I finally headed to Circuit City and purchased my PS3 with free Blu-ray remote. I was a little bit disappointed when my 40GB PS3 didn’t have Spider-Man 3 though. 😐 ..I don’t have very much left for the rest of the month, but it’s low DVD month anyway. And I could always buy that German Power Rangers Zeo DVD set next month. I’ll be too busy playing GTA IV anyway. :p

Afterward, I picked up some blank VHS tapes, then we got some lunch at separate places. I headed to Taco Bell (never discontinue the cheesy beefy melt plz kthnx.. and even I’m surprised it took me this long to try Baja Blast.. too bad the fountain was broken, making it watered down 😦 ) while my dad went to Subway. I ate while waiting for him in the car, then we returned home.

While my dad ate, I turned on the PS3 and set it up. Then I finally began playing GTA IV. The graphics are just a little overhyped, but everything else was awesome. I did the first few missions, watched some TV, surfed the game’s internet for quite a while (we both laughed quite a bit upon reading some of the sites), took in a show at a cabaret and mainly found places so they’d show up on the map. :p Disappointed that there’s no accessible strip club right away. Damnit. But then again, Niko doesn’t have much money to spend on that right now.. Damnit. Ha’s @ the mysterious map icon that when visited, some rich cokehead gives you $100 for no reason. I could use some more of those..

I had to shut it off at 5PM because it was time for my dad’s news. Looks like I’ll be having my first date next time. Heh.. I got online to news-gather. Soon after I cleaned up the mess I had left in the living room. :p ..My dad got some fast food for supper, then I finished up online by 7PM. I then went to the bedroom DVR and watched Ugly Betty (ha, some episode.. the big reveal didn’t feel right though).

In primetime, we watched Ghost Whisperer (I was confused by the plot.. because I kept getting side tracked by the PS3’s printed materials), then played all the blu-ray demo discs that I’ve compiled. I didn’t know all that much of a difference. The sound was different and the video quality was improved a little. Keep in mind I don’t have a surround sound system. 😦 I definitely blindly preferred Blu over HD-DVD, but I don’t know if I prefer Blu over DVD just yet. It wasn’t all that much of an improvement to me.

In fact, I think I need to switch out the AV cable. It’s causing a buzz that won’t stop and there’s faint vertical lines in the screen. :/ Perhaps because it’s from the PS2..? Thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Worked fine on PS2.. We eventually watched The Soup (lol) and Best Week Ever (lol), then I returned to my room.

See ya.

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5 Responses to “no news / today”

  1. sodders Says:

    Uhh, you goto a strip club VERY early in the game.
    Oh, and are you playing GTA4 cables? If you are.. ew.. I can see why you were disappointed, in HD it blows alot of games out of the water.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    Yes. Yes, I am. 😦

  3. sodders Says:

    Once you get HD, it’ll be VERY hard to go back. It makes a BIG difference.

  4. sonicalpha Says:

    Congrats on the PS3, sucks that most games now (even on 360) are specifically designed around the target audience having a HD setup 😦

  5. anonymous Says:

    what connections does your tv have?

    also, you should use the cable that came with the ps3 if your ps2 cable isn’t working right. worth a shot.

    you will not notice much difference in blu-ray to dvd as far as image, because you are not viewing it in high definition. besides the better compression, you won’t see much beyond that as far as blu-ray benefits, and might as well just stick with dvd – it’s cheaper and there’s more released to it!

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