prison break s3 & office s4 dvd dates / today

Fox has confirmed the details for their August 26th release date for Prison Break: Season Three on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. The special features will be the same on both versions, except for a bonus episode of The Unit on the DVD. I’m surprised they didn’t change the date again, like they did last year when they realized they were being released on the same date as Heroes. Heroes: Season Two is also set for DVD & Blu-ray release on August 26th..

Meanwhile, contest rules have revealed a DVD release date for The Office: Season Four — September 9th. Nice. The retail price listed alongside it? Not so much. $60 for a writer’s strike shortened season? Ack. The retail prices weren’t even that high for Season 2 & 3. Hope it changes. šŸ˜¦

I awoke in the morning and soon finished yesterday’s entry. I had fallen asleep prematurely again. :/ We watched some morning TV, then I got online for a bit. Once my dad returned from an errand, we watched some Ellen. Then I watched UFO Hunters (cool), Spider-Man (*repeat ‘not on DVD’ rant here*), an anime sampler DVD (but not really.. episode 1 of Boys Be on this Otaku USA DVD played just fine in English yesterday.. but episode 2 is only in Japanese, ugh -_-) and two more episodes of TMNT Season 5 (about time I got back to this, right? I just find the pizza box packaging such a hassle to open and close šŸ˜¦ *ha’s @ some parts, rolls eyes @ most others*).

I soon got online to news-gather.. and had to shut off my torrent program again. It kept shutting off my internet connection, and the upload is going way faster than the download most of the time. *sigh* The port opening crap is too confusing and I’m worried I’ll screw it up and lose my connection altogether.. We had some supper, then I went to my bedroom DVR and watched last week’s CSI (“Theory of Everything”.. mmm, Christine Lakin.. great episode too :p). At 8PM, we watched Smallville (great episode.. damn, season finale next week already šŸ˜¦ ), Grey’s Anatomy (good episode *shrug*) and Lost (wow, awesome episode.. especially that ending O_O).

All night, our cat was looking out the window waiting for the other cat to show up. They were sniffing each other out in the hallway last night.. and it looked like they were kissing with their noses coming together and apart a few times. :p Then she came inside and and soon showed him who’s boss and had him on the run. Before that, she kept sniffing her butt. She was in the outer hallway until an ass let her out, then she showed up again tonight. The next door neighbor had been looking for her all day.

I soon returned to my room for the night, then wasted a lot of time online before finally finishing this entry. Ack. :p See ya..

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[ Raw Sewage Pouring Into Rivers, Streams Across US ]
[ EPA May Leave Rocket Fuel In Drinking Water ]


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  1. anonymous Says:

    “and the upload is going way faster than the download most of the time.”

    No fucking kidding. Welcome to torrents

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