prjf spoiler 16 / today

Kyl416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and spoiler description. Episode 1816: “Friends Don’t Fade Away” will premiere on June 16th at 8PM ET.

PRJF Episode: 1816 – “Friends Don’t Fade Away” – Writer: Ally Mondera – After his last battle with Dai Shi, RJ has major problems controlling his animal spirit. He turns into a werewolf and becomes a big threat to anyone around him. RJ learns to lean on his friends and not run away from them when he has a problem. In the evil temple, Dai Shi is overthrown as Grizzaka refuses to take orders from any human.

Notice that this episode is written by Ally Mondera, who has no writing credits anywhere else. Maybe the name’s not real (due to the writer’s strike). *shrug*

I awoke.. in the morning.. and got online for a while. I fell asleep before finishing yesterday’s entry, so I took care of that. Then I started some torrents. I then returned to the living room and soon watched episodes of Spider-Man (cool) and H2O (gotta catch up, this one’s from last week). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen.

After the news, I watched my next Netflix selection as my dad took off for a nap — Brian De Palma’s Redacted. I actually liked it.. and wants to own it now. :p It’s a very anti-war picture that takes place in Iraq.. Once that was over, I then watched another Spider-Man (need to catch up on this too), some of my unwatched pile of anime sampler DVDs (didn’t really find anything to keep watching though) and H2O (last night’s episode).

Not long after all that, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then the (new) computer started screwing up again. Once I realized that the problem refused to go away, I was forced to reboot. Ugh. I then discovered I had a virus and wasted the rest of my time trying to get rid of it. I think I got them out of the registry, but then Vista refused to give me permission to delete the virus files. Gawdamnit. So I’m screwed..

In primetime, we watched Big Bang Theory (rofl), How I Met Your Mother (rofl, great episode), Two & A Half Men (eh, a few of the jokes went to cheesyville.. but this is the CSI writers I’m talking about), Rules of Engagement (haha) and CSI Miami (wow, pretty good episode).

I returned to my room, then returned in time for the new Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode — 1811: “Pushed To The Edge”. I liked it. It was alright. Yay @ Flit speaking in a scene that isn’t a Megazord battle. So much less annoying, like I thought. ..I then fell asleep soon after, only to awaken hours later. I got back online and finished up the entry.. after taking quite a bit of time recompiling it because semagic wouldn’t open one of its own files correctly. Yay.

See ya.. if this new computer doesn’t explode or something first..

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