proo 31 spoiler / office 2 / today

Kyl416 has revealed a brief spoiler description for next Monday’s new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Luckily, there’s only two more episodes remaining. But it isn’t a two-parter… 1731 – Nothing To Lose: The Rangers travel to Japan to battle for a key to unlock the last hidden jewel; Flurious tricks Moltor into entering his ice den so he can destroy him.

What’s NBC going to do with the Thursday night half-hour that will soon be vacated by Scrubs? Try for something original? No! Expand The Office to an hour permanently? No! They’re working on a spin-off! The Office II will star another “name” actor and as well as characters to be introduced later this season on The Office. *shakes head in disappointment* -_-

I awoke in the morning.. and immediately played some Bully. After failing the last chemistry class 42758 times, I played through some missions instead.. My dad returned home from dialysis. We had some late breakfast and watched Ellen (oh, slightly more entertaining that usual). I got Monday’s Kaya out of the way (aiyaiyai), then watched Hostel Part II. I liked how it picked directly where the last movie left off. Then it didn’t completely copy the first film. It felt more like a straight-to-DVD movie than a theatrical though. I liked the movie, though not as much as the first.

After the movie was over and my dad had fallen asleep.. I played more Bully. :p I did a few more missions and errands.. and other stuff. Haha @ my girlfriends fighting over me. Er, Jimmy.. Before I knew it, it was already 5:30. Ack. I shut it off as my dad woke up, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 8PM.

We watched Pushing Daisies (great episode 🙂 ). But then watched Private Practice just because Bionic Woman was pre-empted. 😦 But it got too boring, so we changed it over to Phenomenon. It was slightly less boring, but still blah. Then I tried my best to watch CSI NY with no audio (*closed captions*). I first noticed that it was like that at 5:30 and the cable company hadn’t fixed it by 10. Grrrr. My dad called them and they claimed they were working on it. But I bet everyone who could fix it were off for the holiday. Because the audio was still fucked up at 3AM. We pay over $100 a month total and this is what we get. Gawdamnit.

See ya.

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