Sunday 10.28.2007 — wishes Sophia Bush were in a tv show that wasn’t mind-numbingly boring

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. *salivates over Target’s 3-disc Spider-Man 3 with slightly-improved cover art* With my dad still asleep, I took over the TV and watched Futurama (lol), Death Note (awesome), Blood Plus (eh alright) and Drawn Together (hahaha.. what a waste of time). We had some breakfast, then I filled the rest of the morning playing Bully. I kept reloading the game until I passed a class.. then passed another. Only one left now. I also did a mission.. I gave the TV over to my dad, then returned to my room.

So my dad made his first comment about me throwing away some of my possessions if we moves. Oh, fuck no. 😡

Once I was done online, I watched The Hitcher on DVD. I Netflixed it and liked it so much that I bought it. And decided to watch it pre-Halloween. :p Yum @ Sophia Bush.. Next, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched last night’s Torchwood (pretty good), two episodes of Naruto (great) and the first two episodes of Samantha Who? (oh, it’s like My Name Is Earl). We had some supper somewhere in there, then my dad took off outside.

We watched Funniest Videos (the unfunniest choice wins again…). Then my dad watched some Extreme Home Makeover while I finished up the first scene of the new Meta Theta Pi episode. Yay.. We then watched Desperate Housewives (great episode).. bu7t then ran out of things worth watching and I returned to my room..

Another weekend complete. Somehow. See ya.

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One Response to “Sunday 10.28.2007 — wishes Sophia Bush were in a tv show that wasn’t mind-numbingly boring”

  1. koulagirl666 Says:

    YES! THE HITCHER!! *hearts John Ryder* I had to import that ‘cos it was just so good.

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