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October 25, 2007

It sounds like ABC Family cannot wait to get Kyle XY: The Complete Second Season on DVD shelves. The first 13 episodes have already aired and the remaining 10 are expected to begin airing in January 2008. Also, the Season 2 DVD (containing all 23) has been tentatively scheduled for Early Spring 2008, due to word that the third season will begin airing this summer. Wow. *flooded by episodes* :p

And now it’s FOX’s turn to issue a press release detailing their November sweeps offerings. Included are spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Prison Break, Bones, House, The Simpsons, Family Guy and more. Oh, so the 100th episode of Family Guy on November 4th is only a half-hour and the first episode of a two-parter. Neat. 🙂

I awoke to the sound of my dad’s cell phone ringing. Someone else ordered narcotics in my dad’s name at the pharmacy, using a nurse’s name from dialysis. He also took some of my dad’s prescription too. My dad first thought they had gotten the information from a discarded prescription bottle like we had seen on the news. But if they knew the nurse’s name, they must be in dialysis too. The pharmacy has already contacted the FBI and are looking for the security tape. Hmm.

Once my dad took off somewhere, I played some Bully. Then we watched Ellen once he returned. Then we watched Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror. My dad said it was weird and fell asleep. I liked it (can’t go wrong with Rose McGowan nudity.. though however brief *shakes fist @ missing reel* :p), though I didn’t expect to like Death Proof more. Heh. That Machete trailer was awesome. *impatiently waits for theatrical DVD with both films and all trailers* Hope it’s in a steelbook too..

I found time to watch Kaya (eh, it was alright.. though MTV cut off the end of it even though I placed two minutes on each side of its timeslot 😦 ..nice to see Danielle Savre in a more major role) and The Sarah Silverman Program (sorta.. *looks up from magazine* *rolls eyes as something stupid happens* *looks back down* *repeat* *delete*). It reached 5PM and I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online with enough time to watch Gossip Girl on DVR2 (getting tired of typing “Bedroom DVR” all the time.. good episode).

At 8PM, we watched Smallville (eh, not much focus on the A-plot.. still good though), Grey’s Anatomy (eh it was alright), My Name Is Earl (lol.. *pouts @ not seeing the Alyssa Milano nude pic* :p) and 30 Rock (lol @ Redd Foxx impersonation.. and Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars line that you knew they were going to put in there somewhere). Soon after that, I returned to my room for the night.

I think I’m ready to start on the next episode of Meta Theta Pi. The plotlines are outlined and ready to be fleshed out. Yay. See ya.

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