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October 24, 2007

Murphy has revealed on his blog that Mirage, 4Kids & Playmates Toys have finally come to an agreement on what to do in the seventh season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), set to debut in Fall 2008. The final concept “takes some of the more realistic elements of the Overload concept and marries it to the 2K3 and FF continuity”. The Overload idea was to accidentally bring the kid versions of the turtles back to the present time with the grown-up turtles. The quotes from the pitch sound promising (due to no mention of the kid turtles :p), though the idea of restyling the animation again.. doesn’t so much..

Wal-Mart has a store exclusive with their release of Power Rangers Super Legends for the DS. A Mighty Morphin Red Ranger stylus is included. Neat. 🙂 ..But meanwhile, the PS2/PC version’s release date has been moved back to November 13th. 😦

After the second Garfield live action movie failing at the box office, 20th Century Fox has chosen to go in a new direction by making a new film in CGI and sending it direct-to-DVD. Garfield Gets Real will be released to store shelves on November 20th…

I fell asleep in front of the computer again in my uncomfy chair. But I guess it be somewhat of I wouldn’t have fallen asleep in it. Luckily, I got the entry in beforehand this time. I awoke in the chair at 5AM, then went back to sleep. I awoke at 8AM to my alarm, but slept another hour anyway. :/ But I finally awoke after 9AM and watched two more episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (Buffy 7ABB20 & Angel 4ADH20.. great episodes, though the best was still to come..). Once I watched those, I played Bully for about an hour or so. *missions*

My dad returned home from dialysis and I eventually shut off the PS2. We watched Ellen, but he fell asleep during. :/ ..When that was over, I watched the four remaining episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (Angel 4ADH21 & 4ADH22, Buffy 7ABB21 & 7ABB22.. Angel’s last episodes were alright, but the final episodes of Buffy.. wow.. I got a bit emotional during the final opening credits and final battle.. now I really want those Season 8 comics *waits a few impatient weeks until he can afford them all so far* I was expecting more to Angel’s appearance though :/ ). After them, I also watched Monday’s Heroes (eh, pretty good.. okay, Kristen Bell was my favorite part :p).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I then finished up in time to watch Journeyman on the bedroom DVR (great episode.. damnit, too many shows I’d like to own on DVD next fall). At 8PM, we watched Pushing Daisies (another show I’ll most likely wants on DVD), Bionic Woman (though I’d probably choose this on DVD over the latter, if I had to.. haha’s @ the whole “fake british accent” thing.. when the actress is british and usually uses an American accent :p) and CSI NY (first time watching this on DVR1 in quite a while.. haha’s @ how the episode’s just one big commercial for Second Life.. and then ends rather openly so they could do another one later on :p).

Now I don’t feel like detailed sex is the direction I want to go with Meta Theta Pi. :/ I still have to think up plotlines for the next episode, though I have the basic idea on what I’d like to do. Kyla will be back and that creature will be explained.. Well, see ya later.

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