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Rockman over at Rangerboard has unlocked all sixteen playable characters in Power Rangers Super Legends for the DS. They are Mighty Morphin Pink & Red Rangers, Lost Galaxy Blue & Green Rangers, Time Force Blue & Green Rangers, Wild Force Black & White Rangers, Ninja Storm Red & Yellow Rangers, S.P.D. Blue SWAT, Red SWAT, Omega & Orange SWAT Rangers (yes, Boom), and finally Operation Overdrive Black & Red Rangers. There’s also the “assist” option of having other Rangers show up briefly to help you out, like the legendary Mighty Morphin Green Ranger or Time Force Quantum Ranger… Still no confirmation on which Rangers are playable in the PS2 version though.

“Paramount and DreamWorks are reporting that Michael Bay’s Transformers has become the fastest selling DVD this year, with over 4.5 million DVD copies sold on its first day and some 8.3 million sold by the end of the first week.” Wow. πŸ™‚ TheDigitalBits also reports that all signs are pointing to a Resident Evil: Extinction DVD release on January 2nd 2008 due to the Resident Evil Trilogy set coming out the same day. On a Wednesday.. O_o

The CW has issued a press release concerning its November sweeps offerings. Included are spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Smallville, Supernatural, Reaper, Gossip Girl and more. πŸ™‚

ABC has picked up nine more episodes of Pushing Daisies to complete its first season. Yay.. And CBS has ordered more scripts for Moonlight.. for some reason..

I awoke at about 9AM, watched some morning TV, then got ready and went out to media buy…

I headed to Best Buy and picked up Hostel: Director’s Cut, Hostel Part II, and Saw III: Director’s Cut with no problem at all. I also picked up three Spider-Man 3 trick-or-treat bags. Wow, Best Buy’s so stingy with their “free” stuff now. The bags are $3.99 each unless you purchase media. I bought three DVDs, so I got three bags free. But still. Yeesh.. I was also prepared to purchase the new The Shining: Two-Disc Special Edition as well, but I passed on it in the end.. Wow, Saw III: Director’s Cut runs just over 2 hours (121 minutes). The theatrical version was 108 minutes and the “unrated” DVD was 113 minutes..

I got an icee and returned home. We watched Ellen, as well as last night’s Big Bang Theory & Two & A Half Men (again.. only because my dad missed them for that damn game). Then I watched four more episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (the storylines are wrapping up and it’s all quite awesome.. Jasmine on Angel reminds me of Bush directly after 911 :p ..I hope I can fit in the remaining six episodes tomorrow). I even had enough time to watch last night’s Boondocks as well (lol).

I returned to my room a little after 5PM, then got online to inventory the new discs and to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online in time for 8PM. We then watched Bones (pretty good episode.. hehe, liked the ending), House (haha, great episode) and Reaper (ooh @ the drama forming πŸ™‚ ). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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