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dbz s4 dvd date / today

October 22, 2007

FUNimation has set Dragon Ball Z: Season Four – The Complete Garlic Jr, Trunks & Androids Sagas Uncut, a six-disc set containing episodes 108 to 138, for DVD release on February 19th. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and played Bully. I finished Chapter 3 and opened a teeny tiny new part of the map. Yay..? Though the Bottle Rocket Launcher is pretty cool. Haha’s @ not having to beat a difficult arcade game.. in the game.. to get it like a walkthrough said. I also played through a mission like 4275 times before I finally beat it. My dad returned home from dialysis and tried to get me off of it, but I refused.. until I succeeded..

Once my dad saw some news, I finally watched Wednesday’s Bionic Woman (wow @ episode.. and the VCR for not shutting off for the entire hour.. like last night), followed by four more episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (Buffy 7ABB16 & 7ABB17, Angel 4ADH16 & 4ADH17 — too lazy to switch discs so much again :p — awesome episodes though, especially “Inside Out”.. ten more to go, hoping to finish Wednesday now). It all ended right at 5PM, then I got online to news-gather. Only to find my computer rebooted. Ugh. Then the power flickered off and it rebooted again. Grrrr.

But we had supper, and I was able to finish up online with no more problems. But instead of watching something on the bedroom DVR, I finally transferred some Meta Theta Pi instead.. at 8PM, my dad went to my room to watch his damn football game while I took over the living room TV. I watched How I Met Your Mother (lol, awesome episode.. possibly even the best this season so far), Big Bang Theory (lol @ the genius stereotypes.. as well as Kaley Cuoco’s less-than-good fleeting moments of dramatic acting), Two & A Half Men (lol), Rules of Engagement (haha i guess) and CSI Miami (pretty good).

Once everything was over, he got his TV back for the rest of the game. I sacrificed too. I had to not DVR a show in my room so they wouldn’t overlap during the game. Damnit. Last week, I accidentally delete it, and now this. :/ ..I got back online for a while, then returned to the living room to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — episode 1729: “Way Back When”. Oh, it’s a clip show. *barely pays attention throughout* After that, I stayed up late and finally finished transferring and uploading the new episode of Meta Theta Pi. Now that I read it, I don’t think it’s all that great. Still looking forward to the.. upcoming Violet episode though.. >_>

See ya.

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