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Sunday 10.21.2007 — ++

October 21, 2007

I awoke to the alarm.. and stayed awake. Yay. First, I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Wow. I wants a lot this week. And all the best deals on them are at Best Buy. Buy the new Hostel: 2-Disc Director’s Cut with Hostel Part II for $25 (or $12.99 & $16.99 separately), exclusive Saw IV movie money with Saw III: Director’s Cut, the new The Shining: 2-Disc Special Edition for $14.99, Karas: The Revelation for $12.99 (though I’m considering not getting the latter because I can’t recall enjoying the first half of the anime OVA).. Best Buy even has Power Rangers Super Legends DS on their front page for a sale price of $22.49 (down from $29.99). But I don’t have a DS, so I hope they’ll have the PS2 version on sale too, once it comes out…

I took over the TV while my dad napped and watched Futurama (lol), Death Note (the first episode.. whoa, awesome O_O), Blood Plus (eh, pretty good 🙂 ) and two more episodes of Buffy: Season 7 & Angel: Season 4 (Buffy 7ABB15 & Angel 4ADH15.. awesome, especially the crossoverage in the latter.. I wonder if they planned it this way, with two Angels airing before Buffy started and the final two Buffys airing after Angel’s season was over.. so he could join Buffy’s fight in the end). My dad made some breakfast, then later took off on an errand. When I finished my watching, I returned to my room.

Once I was done online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched CSI Las Vegas (neat episode), last night’s two episodes of Naruto (wow, especially the latter episode), two episodes of Noein (finally emptying my DVR of them.. and just barely interesting enough to keep me watching.. four to go, until the next two are DVRed tomorrow :p) and last night’s Torchwood (“Greeks Bearing Gifts”, it was alright.. still don’t believe the affair).

My dad and I had some supper, then I went to my original DVD player on my bedroom TV to watch Karas: The Prophecy. It’s worse than I remembered. Wow. It looks great visual-wise. That’s not the problem. It’s the story that sucks. Very weak. Definitely won’t be buying the other half of this series on Tuesday, though I may consider a rental.. due to the cliffhanger on this half..

I returned to the living room and we soon watched Funniest Videos (*shrug*). But then there wasn’t much on due to baseball, so I watched South Park (lol) and Zoey 101 (hm) on the DVR. Then a little after that, we watched Desperate Housewives (haha, great episode.. and my VCR actually stayed on the entire time *woohoo’s*). But then there was nothing else on.. again. So I returned to my room.

Damnit. I didn’t find enough time for Meta Theta Pi. Again. *sigh* …….and happy birthday, koulagirl! 😉 See ya.

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