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October 1, 2007

Disney Interactive has finally opened its Power Rangers Super Legends video game website. There’s two separate story descriptions for the Nintendo DS & PS2/PC versions. The Nintendo DS story will feature Emperor Grumm as the main villain, while the main PS2 story features the return of Lord Zedd.. somehow. Cooool. 🙂

PS2 & PC storyline – Long thought to have been purified by Zordon’s energy wave at the end of Power Rangers in Space, the dastardly Lord Zedd has reappeared in his old form. Concealed in a hidden dimension, he is interfering with the time stream, trying to alter the course of history to destroy every Power Ranger throughout time! Operating from the Halls of Legends, the new Super Ranger must gather a force of Power Rangers and artifacts from across time to break through into Lord Zedd’s hidden dimension and restore the timeline!

Nintendo DS storyline – Emperor Grumm has set his sights upon the myth of the Hall of Legends, the resting place of the collected energies of Power Rangers across time. In his twisted mind he envisioned a world where his enemy’s power is not only stolen, but used to make a living god over all creation. The Omega Ranger, aware of all timelines from within the Hall of Legends, discovers his plan and warns the Power Rangers to stand against it. For should the Hall of Legends fall into Grumm’s hands, all would be lost.

TVShowsOnDVD has a press release detailing the special features on the December 11th DVD & Blu-ray Disc releases of Lost: The Complete Third Season – The Unexplored Experience. Coool. Looking forward to seeing these again. 🙂

Heh. When the Official US PlayStation Magazine stopped being published, they made it sound like it would be gone forever. But Sony and Future US have issued a press release announcing that PlayStation: The Official Magazine will be launched in time for their Holiday 2007 issue in late November, then will release 13 issues per year. Yay. I’ve been missing my monthly demo discs. Though they’ll probably be for PS3 now. 😦

I awoke in the morning, had some breakfast and watched some music videos. Then I watched three more episodes of DBZ Season 3 (yay @ Vegeta saying “hell” in episode 101.. and.. and did King Kai just say “dick-headed”? I rewound it like twenty times and I’m still not sure :p ..could be “thick-headed”), Zoey 101 (oh it’s a rerun two weeks after its season premiere *skips ahead to..*), Unfabulous (haha) and Robot Chicken (lol). My dad finally returned home from dialysis and we watched Ellen.

Once my dad got the mail, he took off with his check. I watched three more episodes of DBZ Season 3 (awesome.. 3 episodes left) and the first three episodes of TMNT 2k3 Season 1 (damn, this show was so good back then.. before 4Kids ordered them to screw it up.. better than I even remembered, in fact 🙂 ). My dad returned home with a few things, including McDonald’s and some cat food. We couldn’t afford to get any more for him for a day or so, so he was meowing quite loudly last night. 😦 ..We sat down and watched a movie from Showtime so I wouldn’t have to waste of Netflix rental on such a film — Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector. Eh, I’ve seen worse movies. This one wasn’t.. really bad anyway. We even laughed a few times. :p

Once it ended, it was a little past 5PM. I got online to news-gather, then finished up by 8PM. Then we watched How I Met Your Mother (lol @ that closing scene), Big Bang Theory (lol), Two & A Half Men (lol), Rules of Engagement (lol.. @ releasing such a short first season of this for such a high price a few weeks back) and CSI Miami (not enough Jessy Schram *yum* 😦 ). My dad could stayed up any longer and took off to bed during the latter show..

I watched a couple more episodes of Californication (eh, it’s alright I guess.. but this is supposed to be a comedy? O_o). By the time they were over, I had forgotten that there was new PR tonight. I waited few more minutes, then watched the new episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive — 1726: “Red Ranger Unplugged” (it was okay.. for the very brief continuing storyline about Mack.. and Spencer’s reference to a song older than those who this show is targeted towards.. “strumming my pain with his fingers” hehe). After that, I chose to watch Superman TAS too (the very first episode.. I remember watching some episodes back in the day, like this three-parter and World’s Finest 😉 ).

After all that, I finally returned to my room.. some time after 1:30AM. Ignoring the cat’s screaming has become harder. My dad got more food today, so I guess it wasn’t that after all. *sigh* See ya.

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