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July 31, 2007

Here’s some more details concerning the upcoming Power Rangers Super Legends video game. Rangerboard member Sensurround conducted an interview with Disney Interactive. He reveals that… “Lord Zedd returns and starts recruiting villains from previous seasons, 16 rangers from the series must fight their way through missions to stop history from being altered. All characters remained morphed. Disney went for an extremely comicbook-esque feel. Although the game is geared for a younger crowd, they did throw in a lot of things that would make the game appealing for an older age group as well. I got to demo the game for about an hour and I must say I was pretty impressed. As you progress through the game you unlock other rangers and levels. There are ZORD BATTLES as well. I thought that would be appealing to most of you.”

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of August 5th to 11th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. All three stores have TMNT 2007 for $16.99, but Circuit City has a toy with their copy.. and Target has a 2-Disc Deluxe Edition for $22.99. I’m definitely getting the latter. I was worried we would have to wait to get the Region 4 2-disc version here. I hope it has the same special features anyway. I hear it does have the same cover (brick window slipcover over the original cover art). *yay @ not having to own the stupid “fun” cover that the basic release has* I was surprised when Best Buy didn’t have anything special for it though.. Circuit City also has the 3-disc TMNT 1987 Season 5 DVD set on sale for $17.99. Nice.. Meanwhile, Best Buy has Shooter & Stranger Than Fiction for only $9.99 this week. Very good films..

I guess Hollow Man 2 just didn’t sell as well as Sony expected. So on October 16th, they’ll be releasing a Hollow Man: Director’s Cut onto DVD & Blu-ray. Argh. :p *chants for extended Rhona Mitra nudity*

I awoke in the morning and soon got ready to media buy. Since I didn’t have enough in the bank for the DVD I had planned to look for, I took my Robotech Remastered DVDs to sell at GameStop. But after a while of just standing around waiting, I discover that they don’t accept DVDs for cash anymore. Ugh. I returned home, dropped off the DVDs, then went to a CoinStar machine to cash in some change instead. After that, I headed to Best Buy.. and they didn’t have the DVD I hoped they would have.. a week early. I saw one of Manga’s re-releases: a shiny-covered Blood The Last Vampire with bonus Ghost In The Shell UMD. But I’ve heard someone bought one without it inside. *rolls eyes* I laughed at the tiny size of Best Buy’s 300 helmet while rethinking a purchase of the basic 2-disc later in the week, saw that hot checkout girl again from afar, then left with nothing. I did get an icee on the way home though. 🙂

We returned home and soon watched Passions (lol’s @ Pretty Crane being so “ugly”.. her life is ruined by a small scar on the side of her face, boohoo :p). My dad fell asleep as I watched TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze. A few of the more subtle aspects of the film make sense now that I heard scenes were deleted depicting that TGRI scientist as an Utrom. Wish they had kept that in.. Once that was over, I played Scarface (*collects lots more money with the cheat code* woohoo *actually does a mission for once and unlocks a drug supplier* double woohoo :p).

I shut it off near 5:30, had a crappy supper, then got online to news-gather. I finally got around to listening to the Now 25 CD. I only skipped eight tracks too. :p ..At 8PM, we watched America’s Got Talent (*votes Sideswipe because he’s pretty sure all the others he likes will be voted back*), The Singing Bee (80s, cooool), Just For Laughs (lol) and Bill Engvall Show (ah, how very generic 😐 ). My dad went outside a few times and fed the strays even though he was trying not to.. I soon returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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