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More Power Rangers news from the San Diego Comic-Con. According to the Power Rangers Super Legends booth, the PlayStation 2 game out this November will have all Rangers available for play. Not only that, but there’s also a Ranger vs Ranger tournament mode. Cooool. 🙂

Can’t wait for the new season of Avatar: The Last Airbender to begin on September 21st? A trailer has shown up on YouTube. Check it out. 🙂

TVShowsOnDVD reports that Amazon now has a DVD listing for The Secret World Of Alex Mack: Season 1. The 2-disc, 12-episode set is said to be released on October 2nd. Coooool. Though I hope that “12-episode” part is incorrect because the first season is actually 13 episodes. I liked this show more than Pete & Pete, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get myself a copy, unlike with the previous Nickelodeon DVDs. I still remember watching the series finale and wishing that I had more on tape. :p

DVDActive now has some nice hi-res versions of cover art for the many DVD editions of Blade Runner: The Final Cut. Look at all the useless crap filling that briefcase. Cool. 🙂

Surprise, Surprise. The Hostel: Part II DVD will arrive in stores on October 23rd, just a week before Halloween. And a new Hostel: 2-Disc Director’s Cut DVD will arrive with it. Nice. I liked the first film, so I may double-dip for that one. Dunno about the sequel yet though..

I awoke in the morning and soon watched two more episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 4 (Season 5 is out next week and I’m barely halfway through Season 4 :p) and the original TMNT movie (definitely the best of the trilogy). My dad returned home from dialysis and I gave the TV over to him once the movie was over. I then got online for a bit.. We watched Passions (*Theresa divorced* “Triple wedding!” ..I half expected Eve & Julian to arrive at the prison and someone announce “Quadruple wedding!” :p ..and where the hell are the guards anyway? Looks like Luis and everyone else could just walk outta there).

A little later, my dad and I went out to a few places. I got my dad $10 of gas since he was so low, then we went to the grocery store.. and I spent too much. I had chosen not to get 300 anyway, but still.. We soon returned home and I played some Scarface (*uses cheat codes to pile the money* >:) ). My dad got bored and brought in one of the cats he had been feeding outside. He’s already given up on ours and is looking for a replacement. Ass. And this one really doesn’t want to stay inside..

I eventually get online to news-gather, then had some supper. I stay online for a while.. and before I knew it, it was already a little past 8PM. Ack. I ran into the living room and rewound the DVRing. I watched Kyle XY (pretty good episode.. though next week looks better), Greek (great show) and two installments of Whose Line (lol). All that in between a few brief visits outside.. to where my dad was for most of the night. My dad thought he was one of the strays running after another cat, so I took off out there. But I only found the stray.. I read a chapter of Harry Potter 7, then returned to my room for the night..

All they want you for is your cat food, you ass. *sigh* ..See ya..

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