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July 27, 2007

Click here to check out NBC’s press release concerning DC Comics’ hardcover collection of the Heroes online graphic novels, being released this fall. I’m glad I stopped reading. I just don’t have the hard drive space to store all the PDFs. And when it’s released, I can read them wherever I want.. instead of in front of this ancient computer. Yay. 🙂 This NBC press release details even more Heroes merchandise expected beginning later this year, including a novel covering the time Hiro spent in the past with Charlie during Season 1. There’s also talk of a video game, trading cards, toys, a 2008 calendar, posters.. and even apparel. Ack..

Another interesting piece of news out of the San Diego Comic-Con is that the third and final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender finally has a Nickelodeon premiere date — September 21st 2007. The first five episodes of said season are already expected on the Book 3: Fire – Volume 1 DVD on October 30th. Only six episodes would’ve aired by then. Now that’s fast. :p

Also at San Diego Comic-Con, J.J. Abrams revealed that the mysterious 01-18-08 (aka Cloverfield) is in fact a monster movie. They also revealed a teaser poster for the film. Cool. 🙂 ..Also, check out this SAW IV poster. The MPAA has just given their first cut of SAW IV an NC-17 rating and they are considering to either cut it down to an R rating or release it as it is. The film, starring Tobin Bell, is once again expected in theaters this Halloween..

Yup, even more revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. :p Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror & Grindhouse Presents: Death Proof will each have seperate “Extended & Unrated 2-Disc Special Editions” on DVD. Death Proof arrives first on September 18th, followed by Planet Terror on October 16th. Click here for a look at the cover arts, and the Best Buy exclusive steelbooks with an exclusive bonus disc. *drools* Scroll down for more specs & info. They do intend to release the combined theatrical cut later on in a 2-disc set.. Also, check out this cover art for Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. 🙂

The theatrical bomb DOA: Dead Or Alive (or was it even in US theaters at all?) will be released onto DVD on September 11th. Hmm.. >_>

Since our cat seemed to be more awake at night, I kept looking outside all night long for him. 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 (I couldn’t sleep so well). But he didn’t return. We’ve had him for three years, so we got pretty attached. But I guess he’s really gone. My dad told me this fact, so I got online to get away from it. Then it took me admitting what happened in a chat room to finally get my first tears to come. 😦 And then I had a problem making them stop. They would just keep coming back..

We (somewhat) watched Passions, then I watched the final two episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 and the first of Season 2 (damn, even the menus are the same.. this so needed to be one DVD release here too.. just add one more thin case.. five episodes to go, and I haven’t even seen the final unaired Christmas episode before 🙂 ). After watching a Soup special from Monday (cooool @ the subliminal ad for I Know Who Killed Me with the words that pop up so fast you must pause to read them), I got online to news-gather, then had some supper..

At 8PM, we watched Set For Life (interesting), Greek (nice), The Soup (haha) and Bill Engvall Show (hmm, few differences between first & second episodes here too.. nice to see the actor who played the original UFO Museum guy on Roswell in a new role, though I did cringe at the the “Maui! Wowie!” line.. *dog suddenly inserted as plot device and will probably never be seen again* :p).

My dad is really missing our cat. He probably left because he was getting jealous. My dad was starting to feed a few stray cats outside. I petted a few and he kept meowing at the window. 😦 ..When we first got him, I don’t think he was even weened yet. He sucked on my earlobe for a brief time, but soon grew out of it. He seemed to see me as his mother ever since. :p He was getting pretty big when he decided to leave. 😦 ..I went out to the other cats (that just aren’t the same) and saw something else sitting near the end of the building, where I thought I had seen our cat before and had been chased off. I followed him, but he ran off in the same way he had before. He didn’t seem like our cat now that I’ve seen it again. *sigh*

He’s gone. -_-

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