spidey 4 & venom / scrubs s6 date / abc fall dates / dbz bluray / today

In an interview with DarkHorizons, Avi Arad reveals that talks are starting with Sony on a Spider-Man 4. But more interesting is the fact that a Venom movie is also in the works. Coooool. 🙂 ..Hope it doesn’t suck.. like Spidey 3 partly did..

TVShowsOnDVD reports an October 30th DVD release date for Scrubs: Season Six. With the seventh (and final) season premiering on NBC on October 25th, the DVD releases just about catch up, with just five days in between.. The site also reports that Lost: The Complete Third Season will be released on Blu-ray Disc as well as DVD on December 11th. Though the Blu-ray version is going for a $124.99 retail price. Ack. :p

ABC has finally announced their fall premiere dates in the form of this press release. Ugly Betty & Grey’s Anatomy return on September 27th, while the latter’s spin-off Private Practice starts the night before on September 26th. Desperate Housewives follows on September 30th. But out of the new ABC series, I’m most looking forward to Pushing Daisies. The scifi-ish series will premiere on October 3rd.. In case you haven’t heard, Lost won’t return until mid-season. And I’ll guess the date right now: February 6th 2008. That’s about the same time the series returned from its lengthy hiatus last season, to air 17 straight episodes. This next season will run for 18 episodes. And don’t forget the importance of February sweeps. 😉

FUNimation will now test the Blu-ray waters on November 13th, when they’ll release Dragonball Z Movie 8 – Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan & Dragonball Z Movie 10 – Broly: The Second Coming on one Blu-ray Disc. Expect both films to include newly remastered video and new 5.1 audio mixes. Among the special features is a featurette titled “Dragonball Z: A New Look”, a look at the remastering of the films. *yawn* Expect more details when the release is officially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con..

My dad woke me up after 3AM with some very unfortunate news. Our cat had managed to shove the screen off of our front window just enough to get out. My dad claims he looked around for a while before waking me up. I said no words to him as I looked and looked, trying my best not to get angry at my dad. He should’ve closed that window like he did the previous night. 😡 I soon gave up for a bit, then wordlessly returned to my room and closed the door. My dad eventually took off for dialysis. I kept going outside and looking for him. *sigh*

I fell asleep for a little while, then played some Scarface. *shrug* My dad soon returned home and was very sad over the loss of our cat. I already miss him too. 😦 I got online for a bit, then I watched Passions while my dad mostly.. slept.. Once it ended, I watched three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 (gotta stay on schedule). When those were over, I checked outside for our combined 2538th time.. then got online again, to news-gather..

Ever since my dad returned home, we have barely spoken a word to each other for most of the day. I could plainly see he was more emotional than I was over our cat. Since my shell blocked my emotions, I couldn’t do the same. And I tried. A lot. So that just made everything worse. I felt sad, then it doubled when I realized that I couldn’t show it. 😦

There wasn’t really all that much on tonight. At 8PM, we watched Outrageous Moments and Just For Laughs. Then my dad took off outside looking for the cat while I watched Tokko (wow, dubbing was less-than-great this episode.. with that a bit of fanservice, it was like I was watching hentai without the payoff 😦 ..still good story though). Then we watched most of Dateline NBC: To Catch A Predator before I returned to my room and my dad headed outside again.

*sigh* See ya.

[ Transcript: Secrets Of The Illuminati – Benjamin Fulford On Jeff Rense Part 2 ]
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[ $1,000 Speeding Tickets Await You In VA ]
[ DOD Creating Computer Parallel Planet Earth ]

“So I talked on your show, and a senior member of the Japanese security police told me that because of what you leaked on the Internet, they are going to attack Nigata with their earthquake weapons. I said, “Oh, come on. I don’t believe that.” Then, BOOM! BOOM! Two days in succession, [there were] identical earthquakes — right under the nuclear power plant! And I got an email [from the Rockefeller Illuminati] saying, “You got your answer.”” “These [Rockefeller-led] people are desperate. They are planning something horrendous in August. That’s not going to be allowed to take place.” — Benjamin Fulford, Transcript Part 2


5 Responses to “spidey 4 & venom / scrubs s6 date / abc fall dates / dbz bluray / today”

  1. koulagirl666 Says:
  2. koulagirl666 Says:

    I wouldn’t mourn your cat just yet – but leave the window open. He might come back – sometimes cats just do that ya know?

    I hope he does.

  3. prometheusufo Says:

    I think he was out here early this morning, but another cat chased him off. 😦 He got out by pushing the screen out of the window, which clips into place..

  4. koulagirl666 Says:

    Is there a ledge by your window? You could maybe put a bowl of kibble out and pay attention to see if he comes by for food – he might not know where else to get any and be pretty hungry, plus if that other cat comes back you’ll know to scare it off before it can go after yours.

  5. celiloquy Says:

    Your cat might come back. They aren’t dumb (well, no, I shouldn’t say that, some cats are dumb), and if you put out food or something where the cat can find it, you might be able to snatch him up.

    At the very least, put food out so he can eat it.

    Animals have a way of coming back. I lost all those mice in my house (full of cats) and all but 2 came back alive and well.

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