krdk rewritten / himym s2 art / dvd ads jul 28-aug 4 / media / today

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight recently started filming and some new cast members have shown up on IMDb. Yay. Now the bad news. IMDb claims that lead actor Matt Smith has been recast to a younger actor, Stephen Lunsford. And according to “Nathan Long’s blog”, the first five episodes of Dragon Knight have been rewritten for a younger audience. *sigh* I had a feeling it was too good to be true. 😦

TVShowsOnDVD has cover art for the October 2nd DVD release of How I Met Your Mother: Season Two. *looks* Hmm. Not bad. I guess. *shrug* What matters most is what’s on the inside after all. So can’t wait. 🙂

Click the corresponding retailer for their ads for the week of July 28th to August 4th: Best Buy, Circuit City & Target. Best Buy has some useless mini-helmet replica with their “Limited Edition” 300 DVD that costs about $12 more than the 2-Disc Special Edition. I was hoping they would have the Canadian Futureshop’s Steelbook version here too (Best Buy owns Futureshop and they previously released the Departed steelbook in both chains). I was quite disappointed when I heard V For Vendetta had a Futureshop Steelbook too (quite possibly my favorite movie), then Best Buy only had a mini-mask Limited Edition for it. Ugh. Like that time, I guess I’m going with Target yet again. Their 300 “Deluxe Edition” is $22.99 and has a bonus 3rd disc (Target’s V Deluxe had a graphic novel excerpt and a lenticular slipcover).

Man, my viewing of “Once A Ranger” sucked. First, Toon Disney screwed my schedule and canceled the 12:30AM re-airing mere days before (I didn’t find out until the wrong episode started).. Then the DVR went into shutdown mode on-screen, making me retape some of it. And the cat had to be an ass too. So I’ll probably end up watching it again later. In fact, I’m considering retaping it from next Monday & Tuesday’s 12:30AM clean-credits airings. Hope they don’t cancel those.. I awoke the next morning, soon got ready, then went out to media buy.

Originally, I intended to get Number 23 & the Spawn Animated Series Steelbook. But due to bad reviews on the former etc, that soon changed to Zodiac. Then it just got more confusing from there. I was considering Zodiac all the way to Best Buy, but changed my mind when I got there. *saves some money for once* Luckily, I’ll be able to Netflix it after I view today’s arrival of Number 23. They always seem to fall into a “short wait” soon after release. Instead, I got Equilibrium and From Dusk Till Dawn for $5.99 each. I’ve been wanting to get the latter since first I saw it (butchered) on TV. But since it seems to be a studio-backed sale, they’ll probably announce a new edition soon. :p Also noticed they jacked up the Angel seasons a bit ($32.99 to $34.99). Grr.. The hot checkout girl was there again. She talked, I was actually surprised when I talked back. 🙂 Too bad I probably will have no need for a Best Buy visit next week (*points @ DVD ad news above*) and won’t get to see her. *makes note to look over the Best Buy ad again just in case* 😉

After visits to some other places, I didn’t get my icee ( 😦 ) and we returned home. We had some lunch and watched Passions (blah), followed by American Body Shop (lol). After that, I watched three more episodes of Tru Calling: Season 1 (still great). When those were over, it was already 5PM. I got online to news-gather, then we got some McDonalds for supper. :/

At 8PM, we eventually watched America’s Got Talent (not bad).. then my dad ran off outside again. Grr. I watched Singing Bee (*shrug*) and Noein (I missed last week’s episode.. but it’s getting pretty damn good) before he returned. So we got to watch one episode of Just For Laughs before it reached 11PM. -_- I returned to my room for the night…

See ya.

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One Response to “krdk rewritten / himym s2 art / dvd ads jul 28-aug 4 / media / today”

  1. koulagirl666 Says:

    Well done on talking back to the checkout girl!! =)

    I’m getting 300 with a bonus art book in a special limited edition collector’s tin – the bonus disc is a few dollars less but no tin. And anyway, the orders have exhausted the amount of tins that were made and I ordered way back in May so YAY.

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