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knocked up dvd / today

July 18, 2007

Universal is going the 40-Year-Old Virgin DVD route with Knocked Up, which is said to be set for release on September 25th (the date’s still tentative). There will be no less than four versions released: Rated DVD, Unrated DVD, 2-Disc Collector’s Edition DVD & HD-DVD. And of course, the DVD special features get more abundant as you go through the three. Rated will have some, the Unrated with have more, and the 2-Disc is said to have even more than that. Wow. At least they don’t seem to be double-dipping this time. Though the cover art is quite similar.. :/

Once I was done online for the night, I gave Scarface another shot. I played through the mission a whole bunch of times before giving up again. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without reloading the damn health cheat every five seconds. And if I hadn’t learned how to lock on to targets. But I keep dying nonetheless. And I have to finish this mission to unlock some of the game’s free-roaming features, which makes it all a lot more annoying. Grrr.. I awoke the next morning to find my dad was still there. He wasn’t able to go to dialysis today..

Once he fell asleep, I played some more Lego Star Wars 2 (finished the story part with the last two levels.. then went back to another level to collect more stuff). I shut it off at news time, then waited all that time.. for Passions (*reads video retailer mags that came in the mail instead*). Once that ended, I watched three more episodes of Buffy: Season 6 (still awesome :p), followed by some more Lego Star Wars 2 (it really does feel like the second part of a whole game.. so I’d probably get the PS3 combining version eventually.. especially if they added more stuff to the first trilogy, this second one has a lot more stuff to do).

A little past 5PM, I finally got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then finished up online before 8PM. But there was nothing good to watch until later. So we watched The Bill Engvall Show (haha’s @ the classic “live studio audience” line spoken at the start.. nonetheless, most of the show wasn’t all that funny.. and I do not care for these characters.. until the scantily clad teenage girls showed up.. *cough*), followed by some Outrageous Moments (eh, at least their own dubbing of the clips isn’t as goofy as it used to be). I caught some Last Comic Standing (*comics perform for 30 seconds* *lame*). My dad like it either. He took off outside and I took the time to transfer some PROO promos to VHS.. But at 10PM, we watched the season finale of Traveler (awesome @ more 9/11– er, Drexler bombing revelations 🙂 ..wasn’t expecting that one event near the end.. please bring it back, ABC.. after releasing this season on DVD :p).

Not much longer after 11PM, I returned to my room for the night. Again. Like always. *sigh* See ya.

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