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Sunday 07.15.2007 — ..yup, sunday.. *blinks*

July 15, 2007

I awoke in the morning and looked though the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. The original TMNT movie is just $7.50 at Best Buy this week. Looks like I’m finally going to buy it.. again.. just to get rid of my crappy cardboard snap case version.. so it’ll match my copies of 2 & 3.. Yay.. After that, I took over the TV and watched Bleach (pretty good episode this week 😉 ), Blood Plus (also pretty good) and three more episodes of Buffy: Season 6 (“Flooded” wasn’t that great, but the other two were 🙂 *ooh’s @ Anya’s slight pokies in “All The Way”* *ahem*).

By that time, it was 1PM already. I returned to my room and found the water damage to be a bit worse than expected. And instead of possibly stopping the water leakage from the floor above by telling the maintenance guy, he tells no one and lets the damage continue. What a super idea, dad! *rolls eyes*

After some time online, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Doctor Who (awesome.. haha’s @ the Harry Potter references, including that the doctor has already read Book 7 :p) and Hex (wow.. series finale next week 😦 *sees commercials* ..ah, so Torchwood starts in September, alongside the season of Doctor Who currently on SciFi, neat). We had some supper, then I nearly fell asleep with the cat sleeping on me. Aww.

We watched some Funniest Videos, then my dad took off outside again. I watched Beakman’s World mainly in order to delete it, then my dad brought another cat into the home. It’s been outside for a little while and my dad has been feeding her. Our male cat seemed interested, but the other just kept growling and hissing. My dad soon returned her outside and our cat went crazy wanting to go out there the rest of the night..

I watched The 4400 (awesome episode, I’m liking where the plot is going.. it’s already better than last season for the most part). My dad came in and we watched Mind of Mencia (lol) and American Body Shop (ugh, pilot syndrome strikes again.. the first episode was great, but this one was not.. now it’s trying to be Reno 911! AND The Office, ugh). My dad took off outside again while acting as if someone had left the outer door open, when he had definitely propped it open earlier tonight. Ugh. And he’s smoking those damn cigars again. Dumbass.

See ya.

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