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Sunday 07.08.2007 — *anime brain freeze*

July 8, 2007

I awoke in the morning, looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, and eventually had some breakfast. I watched two episodes of Naruto (awesome.. damn, forgot about the 10PM replay last night), Bleach (*yawn* I miss the early episodes), Blood Plus (cool.. even though I missed it last week thanks to Adult Swim), Ergo Proxy (yup, back to watching it on TV.. pretty good episode) and Tenjho Tenge (less “watch”, more “fast forwarded to the good parts”.. and there weren’t any.. so.. *stop watching series*).

My dad forgot all about the movie we were going to watch today. Once he woke up, he took off somewhere for all afternoon. I watched three more episodes of Angel: Season 2 (cooool, wasn’t expecting that ending to “The Trial” :p), then played more Lego Star Wars 2 instead. I think I may move on in the story next time. Redoing levels is getting boring.. My dad dad returned.. and fell asleep again.. At 6PM, I shut off the game and returned to my room for a bit..

While online, I found that Disney Video has slightly updated their DVD listings for PROO Vol 1 & PROO Vol 2. Each now has special feature descriptions. Also, I’ve noticed “Dolby Digital 2.0” was changed to “Dolby Digital Stereo”. *shrug* And they’ve fixed that typo I mentioned in Volume 2’s description. :p “Trickery of a Miratrix” still doesn’t sound right though..

We had some supper, then watched some crap on TV. But at 9PM, my dad took off outside as I watched The 4400 (very good episode). Then my dad returned in time to watch new Mind of Mencia (lol, especially at the guy yelling about high gas prices) and American Body Shop (lmfao, sooo funny.. it’s sorta like Reno 911!, but a lot funnier.. this first episode was anyway.. but I know how shows can change from pilot to series). Once those ended, I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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