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July 6, 2007

Listings for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Volume 1: Brownbeard’s Pearl & Volume 2: Toru Diamond have shown up on the Disney Video website. Each one has a description that’ll most likely appear on the back covers. The last line of Volume 2 is particularly “ugh”. I hope that’s a typo that’s fixed by printing time.. Volume 1’s special features include “Reserve Ranger Training Course Level 1 — Black Jewel” & “Ranger Bios”, while Volume 2 features “Reserve Ranger Training Course Level 2 — Yellow Jewel” & “Ranger Arsenal”. The cover arts haven’t been added yet for some reason. But check them out on TVShowsOnDVD..

These Volumes will run from episode 1701 to 1712 with six episodes on each. And Disney promised us these five volumes will contain the complete season on DVD. I have a feeling that Volume 3 will include seven episodes, #1713-1719. Volume 4 would then open with the “Once A Ranger” team-up two-parter. One of the remaining two will be six episodes while the other will be another seven. I could definitely see them including some sort of Power Rangers Jungle Fury sneak peek if they stick to the schedule Disney has done in the past. Volume 3 & 4 could follow in December, then Volume 5 would complete the saga in February, just in time for the new season to begin later in the month. *shrug*

The virality of the mysterious J.J. Abrams trailer attached to Transformers in theaters has spread to the internet. The film, expected for theatrical release on January 18th 2008, only has a working title of Cloverfield. And details about the film have been held under wraps, until this teaser trailer was released anyway. Paramount makes sure to remove related videos from YouTube, but the trailers have been found on Veoh: Trailer #1 & Trailer #2.. Some seem to think the film has to do with Lost since the production company is the same and some sound effects in the trailer sound like those of Lost‘s smoke monster. Videos on the viral website mention something important about August 1st. Perhaps we’ll have some more info then..?

Starz Media has issued a new press release detailing Masters of Science Fiction, the new anthology series airing on ABC beginning August 4th. Four episodes would air throughout the month. What’s odd is that before this, it was stated to be six episodes long. Not only four. Hmm.. ABC will also air the remaining six episodes of The Nine beginning August 1st..

I awoke in the morning and pretty much watched the first three episodes of Angel: Season 2 right away (ugh @ that karaoke demon guy.. he’s gonna get annoying.. everything else was still pretty good though.. I really wish that Faith spinoff happened, it probably would’ve been better than this.. and Tru Calling). My dad returned home from dialysis not long before they ended, then the maintenance guy began his work. That was why I got Angel out of the way so early. I then retreated to my room and got online for a bit.

After that, I went to my bedroom DVR and watched Hex (coool) and the final three episodes of The Loop (lol.. I’m gonna miss this one.. a little). Once all that was done, I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online in time for 8PM. Then I turned to my bedroom TV and watched SciFi’s 2 1/2 hour third season premiere of Doctor Who, consisting of “The Runaway Bride” (damn, that title character was annoying.. otherwise, it wasn’t that bad) and “Smith And Jones” (oh look, Triceratons.. cooool 🙂 ..and Martha’s hot, yay.. this was definitely the better of the two).

And that’s about it… See ya.

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