Roswell nightmares!

I had two bad dreams last night and they were pretty much the same story. I finished taping Roswell and after the show it said something like “new episode at a special time” later that night at like an odd time. 10:35pm…if i remember correctly… I fell asleep and missed taping Roswell and when i awoke (in the dream) i felt as if the world had come to an end…

That’s 4 dreams now with pretty much the same nightmare… I also noticed i had fallen asleep watching a dvd in my room and had no dream. And I have a small native american dreamcatcher (it supposedly catches bad dreams) hanging near my bed… But I woke up around midnight and fell asleep in the living room, and that’s where i had my dreams. I woke once from the first dream, fell back to sleep, and had the 2nd… so weird…

Well, see yas…

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