My thoughts on Nick (my post on

I know I’m probably getting too old to watch Nick (I’m 18). But, Nick used to be great, in my opinion.

I find myself barely watching the channel anymore since it has gone from a great channel to a copy of cartoon network (without the good toons). Rocko’s Modern Life was my favorite cartoon on Nick. But, even that is gone now. I miss the live action shows Nick used to have. Now, we only get a few hours every week for those kind of shows called TeeNick.

They create almost all nicktoons now just because its cheaper to make than a live action show.

I miss shows like Clarissa Explains It all, Welcome Freshmen, Rocko’s Modern Life… If they ever make a Classic Nick channel (or TeeNick channel), I’d definitely watch all the time.

Well, gotta go… see yas…

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