Reading a new book…

Usually, I don’t read much nonfiction UFO books anymore. But I’ve bought “Behold A Pale Horse” by William Cooper and it’s been a great book so far. Though the book was first released about 10 years ago, the author reveals what he read about the Illuminati, the JFK assassination (he reveals who the real shooter was), the New World Order, UFOs, etc. in top secret documents he read while in the Navy. I’ve only gotten to chapter 2 so far though. It is a 500-page book so I have a long read ahead.

I’m actually starting to sleep nights sometimes now… I may watch Letterman & Conan, get some more reading in, then head for bed. I haven’t been to scifi’s #dominion chat in days. I wonder if they even know I’m gone. Doubt it.

see yas…

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