I just mutter endlessly about TV & dreams…

I’m gonna try to stay up all day now after staying up all night again. I can do it easily if I stay at the computer. But, if i go into the living room and sit on that couch, I know I’ll eventually be knocked out. And I gotta catch my fav shows! I can’t miss the new DBZ, Passions, or Buffy…

I just started watching Buffy on FX. It’s a pretty good show. I’m not watching the new episodes on UPN yet… even though they’re gonna air before the must-tape, must-see Roswell.

I’ve had Roswell dreams before. A few times, they were dreams about missing taping the show (something I have a perfect record for…I got every single episode taped in order). I remember feeling as if my life was over once I missed taping it. And another, I was hanging out with the characters in the show. That would definitely be my favorite one so far. heheh…

Watch the new season of Roswell!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2001 right after Buffy at 9PM ET on UPN!

Ok, my job is done here…

see ya, nosey peoples…(just kidding.. lol)

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