WTC garbage, part 2

Y’know what’s garbage? I was watching TV this morning when the network’s news interrupted the regular progamming to announce that an airport was reopening… that’s some huge breaking news! *sarcasm*

Anyway… I’ve heard that the government knew about what was going to happen on 9/11 since around the time of the original WTC bombing in 1995. What a lame government, huh? heh… They found their plans when they arrested the bombers. There were to be 11 planes hijacked on 9/11. Atleast they didn’t succeed completely in their plan…

I’m unable to show sadness over all this because I’m holding it all in. I was listening to one of the WTC tribute songs on mp3 the other day and I almost began to cry…but I didn’t… *sigh*

See ya…


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