Truth-Seekers and the Metagene…

As i’ve said before, I write a story series called “The Truth-Seekers”. It’s a series similar to x-files in some ways (and not the current *sucky* IMO x-files).Here’s the URL:

I recommend the newer stories at the bottom, below the zip files which are the beginnings of a series I’m calling “Truth-Seekers: The Metagene Wars”.

The Metagene is a biological variant lying dormant in a few select members of the human race until a moment of overstress activates it. When activated, it gives the person superhuman powers.

Just put the word into any web search engine. You’ll find that it is a real thing (and popular in some comic books).

I believe there is a real war going on and the prize is the Metagene…

[See next entry for more…]

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